The Election Day Advent Calendar

Celebrate our democracy with this twist on the holiday tradition. Open a door-a-day through Election Day to reveal thought-provoking quotes, fun facts, and trivia.

$14.99 USD

Restore your faith in democracy! The Election Day Advent Calendar is the fun way to count down to Election Day! It’s 100% reusable! Choose from among 6 themed inserts or make your own!

Election Day Advent Calendar is a politics nerd must-have.

Chris Hayes, MSNBC host

A wonkish tweak of the form familiar to legions of Sunday-schooled kids

Martha Bayne, Chicago Reader

Closeup of the Calendar

How it works

The Calendar begins 27 days before the day of an election. (That’s one day for each of the amendments to the Constitution.) Choose your favorite insert, slip it into the calendar, open a door each day until election, and reveal fun facts and thought-provoking quotes about our democracy.

Six themed inserts are included with your Calendar:

  • Classic
  • Radicals
  • Founders
  • Constitution
  • Citizenship
  • Voting Rights
  • … Or create your own using our downloadable template.

Closeup of the Calendar

Great ideas for your Calendar

  • Celebrate democracy at home with your family
  • Great for teachers to use in the classroom
  • What campaign office would be complete without one?
  • Perfect back-to-school gift
  • Post one on your office bulletin board or in your cubicle (don’t worry, it’s non-partisan)

The Specs

  • Dimensions: 11" × 17"
  • Material: heavyweight card stock
  • Design: full-color print from an original painting by artist Jon Langford
  • Can be reused for multiple elections
  • Inserts slide into calendar for customizable experience

Closeup of the Calendar being opened

Calendar front
Calendar back

The Election Day Advent Calendar

$14.99 USD